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Things you people can do ti help/get involved.

Watch Hich perform at the One World Festival!

Hich will take part in his first public performance since his arrest tomorrow (on Sunday May 14) as part of the Al Zaytouna Theatre and Dance troupe of which he is a founding member. The performance will take place at 12pm and at 2.30pm in Nottingham’s Old Market Square as part of the event One City One World.
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More Nottingham Residents Facing Deportation

Hich’s case has attracted an unusual amount of attention due to the nature of his original arrest, but, in a political climate increasingly hostile to migrants, the horrific way he has been treated by the immigration authorities is all too common. This week alone, two asylum seekers living in Nottingham, Mary-Jane Mutetsi and Amdani Juma have been detained.

Amdani, a supporter of the Free Hich campaign (he was at Wednesday’s demo), is currently being held at Campsfield Detention Centre, where Hich was briefly held and has received his deportation notice and will be removed on Wednesday 4th June on Kenya Airways flight KQ101 (Terminal 4, Heathrow). Supporters are organising two demonstrations in support of his right to remain: The first on Saturday 31st May at 1pm, and the other at 5pm on Monday 2nd June, both in Nottingham’s Market Square.

Petition here:

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Model Letter to British Airways

Send your letters to Willie Walsh, the CEO of BA at:

Fax: 020 8759 4314 (0044 20 8759 4314 if you are faxing from outside UK).

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Model Letter to the Home Office

We’re encouraging people to write to Jacqui Smith, the Home Secretary to encourage her to stay Hich’s deportation. There’s a model letter below, please personalise it, but try and stick to the key points.

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What can we do?

1. Donate to Hicham’s legal fund….

Donations should be transferred to the account on the name of Camille Herreman ( sort code: 400205, account no: 81474715). If you think that you can help, contact Camille Herreman on this number 07961925788 to ask about any related information.

sort code: 400205
account number:81474715
iban number: gb44midl40020581474715
internation swift code: midlgb2140c

2. Write to those individuals in positions of power who have a say over Hicham’s fate and let them know that we will not tolerate this extrajudicial punishment of an innocent man.

  • Ask the university to offer all possible support to their employee and valued member of the university community. Contact the University Registrar:

Telephone: 020 7035 0198 Fax: 020 7035 0900

Telephone: 020 7035 0195 Fax: 0870 336 9034

3. Petition – sign this electronic petition demanding that the Home Office stop Hich’s deportation and  respect his  right to due process in a court of law :