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  1. notts student

    Website is looking amazing, clearly a lot of time and effort has gone into this – well done!

  2. We just sent the link to the critical geographers forum, which is a worldwide listserve of 1370 members, so hopefully this should get some more coverage!

  3. I just wrote to BA & finished with the following:
    I am a frequent user of BA flights to New York & I will make no hesitation in switching my companies travel to alternative carriers if I feel that BA is complicit in human rights violations

  4. Vanessa Pupavac

    Dear all
    I am trying to send the following urgent appeal to as many former students as possible. I have contacted the Nottingham Student Union and the Nottingham Alumni Team to ask them to forward the letter. Please could you send an urgent appeal to the former Nottingham students you know to help prevent the rushed deportation of Hicham Yezza without due process. Former Nottingham students will no doubt be concerned about the plight of another former Nottingham student and may be able to help prevent Hicham’s deportation in four days time. The voice of concerned and influential Nottingham alumni would give moral and professional weight to pressure to delay Hicham’s deportation at this late stage and allow due process, which all of us former and current members of the University of Nottingham are seeking.

    Vanessa Pupavac

    Dear Present and Former Nottingham Students

    RE: Hachim Yezza (HOME OFFICE REFERENCE Y76064)

    I am contacting you as a former Nottingham student (BA Russian and Serbo-Croat, 1988) and now an academic at the University about the case of Hicham Yezza, another former Nottingham student and an administrator in the School of Modern Languages and Cultures.

    I am asking you to help support the campaign to prevent the deportation of Hicham Yezza (Hich to his many friends). Hicham is due to be deported to Algeria against his will on flight BA894 from Heathrow, destination Algiers, at 9.45am this Sunday, June 1st. The local MP Alan Simpson has taken up Hicham’s case and written to the Home Secretary strongly condemning the rushed deportation of Hicham without due process.

    His deportation follows his arrest under the Terrrorism Act 2000, along with Rizawaan Sabir, a student acquaintance. Despite his innocence, Hicham was immediately re-arrested under immigration legislation on charges which he sought legal advice and representation over. However on Friday May 23 his solicitor was told that Hicham was being deported and he was moved to a detention centre. It is clear from Hicham’s legal documentation that there could be no reason to disallow him bail and push for his removal before his set trial date, except that the immigration services are determined to remove him without allowing him due process. Hicham was a well-known and popular figure at the University of Nottingham, who contributed much to the intellectual life on campus, as an article by his friend and former colleague Dr Dejan Djokic explains.

    Hicham has lived in Nottingham for 13 years while he studied for undergraduate and postgraduate degrees and worked at the university, where he has built up a large network of close friends. The huge campaign to prevent his deportation is a testament to this. He served as a member of the University Senate for two terms (2004-5) and on the Student’s Union Executive Committee, was President of the Arabic Society, was the editor of the influential Voice magazine for international students, and is the long-time editor of Ceasefire magazine, a political journal. He was a prominent member of the artistic group ‘Al-Zaytouna’, and weeks before his arrest performed the leading role in a feature play at Nottingham Arts Theatre.

    Friends and concerned individuals have set up a Stop the Deportation of Hicham Yezza web page, which contains further information about how individuals can help Hicham. In particular, it is imperative that as many people as possible write to the Home Secretary and publicise his case as widely as possible, such as letters to your MP and to the media.

    Please see the link to the Stop the Deportation of Hicham Yezza campaign web site

    Yours faithfully

    Vanessa Pupavac

    Dr Vanessa Pupavac

    School of Politics and International Relations

    University of Nottingham

    NG7 2RD


    Tel. 0115-951-4796


  5. Daniel Barnes

    Having read the heated exchange between Sir Colin Campbell and the readers of the Times Higher Education Suppliment, it is clear that the only thing Sir Colin manages to do is highlight an already obvious omission.

    Aside from the issues of academic freedom and human rights concerns, the University is complicit in a gross betrayal. One would think that one’s employer would speak in one’s defence at a time of trouble. But the University uttered not a single word in Hich’s defence, nor did it take steps to help him out in anyway.

    Instead, the University retained a paranoid silence under cover of the claim that it could not comment as it was now a matter for the police.

    There is a strand of human decency in most of that inclines us to seek justice and exact compensation for damages, which the University showed itself to sorely lack throught the Yezza Affair. To simply say nothing is one thing, but to mumble some meaningless sounds of institutional rhetoric in place of saying something is unforgivable.

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