Breaking News – Bail Hearing, Monday 16 June

Following the last-minute cancellation of Hicham’s removal by the Home Office, initially scheduled for June 1, Hicham is now preparing to fight his case on the outside having spent a whole month in detention, as of this Saturday.

Despite overwhelming evidence testifying to Hicham’s good character and strong links to the Nottingham student and local community, the Home Office has inexplicably and persistently refused to release Hicham while his case is ongoing. A hearing for bail will therefore take place in London on Monday 16 June. We are confident of a successful outcome, which will allow Hicham to be released from detention so he can defend himself properly.

7 responses to “Breaking News – Bail Hearing, Monday 16 June

  1. Good Luck for the hearing.
    Hope to see you soon.



  2. I know that these videos are in French but they are well

    Soutien à Hicham YEZZA (1) par (hchicha):

    Soutien à Hichem Yezza (2) par (ButterflyOfFire) :

    Thank you

  3. cher hicham bonne chance pour le 16 juin nous sommes tous avec toi abintot au campus!ton cas nous concerne tous! tu n as rien ate reprocher nous sommes tres fiers de toi !courage !

  4. We all (algerians) all over the world hope that Hicham will be released from detention as soon as possible. This situation cannot last a long time !

    Please, support Hicham and don’t let him alone.
    I’m a student too here in France, I made the video previously posted by Katia Selma (thank you in advance) to give all my support to the Hicham’s case (cause) !

    Thanks to Hchicha too.

    Thank you keeping us informed about Hicham :)
    Salutations amicales

  5. I really want to see Hich maybe this would be good.
    Hitch for Hich!
    (for those of you on facebook, this is a non-facebook event)

  6. Best of luck Hich.

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