Al Zaytouna Highlight Treatment Of Hich

The dance group Al Zaytouna made an impromptu performance outside the Nottingham Playhouse today (8 June 2008). They were highlighting the situation of fellow member Hicham Yezza who remains in an immigration detention centre at Dover awaiting a decision by the Home Office. His friends and supporters expressed dismay at the decision to keep him detained so far away. The Home Office decided that Mr Yezza had no friends in the UK to warrant keeping him near Nottingham, despite the fact that he has lived in the UK for over 13 years and the recent protest attended by over 500 including many colleagues and friends. Before Mr Yezza’s detention on May 14th he performed a lead role in the dance show Four Heartbeats One Rhythm in front of a sell-out audience in Nottingham Arts Theatre. His supporters ask for him to be moved to a detention centre closer to Nottingham to make visitations easier and they hope for a prompt decision by the Home Office on his status. His detention and near-deportation have been widely criticised both nationally and internationally as grossly unjust.


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