Letters to the Editor

Send a message of support/solidarity to Hich.

Please consider writing in your messages of support and contacting your MP to ask for support. It all makes a big difference.


17 responses to “Letters to the Editor

  1. For those who were wondering, the name of the campaign reflects Hich’s editorship of Ceasefire Magazine: http://www.ceasefiremagazine.co.uk

  2. Dear Hich
    Hang in there my friend. I really hope this will be over very soon. we love you so much and we are all so concerned about u.

    it will be all over soon inchallah, you have touched the lives of so many people, and they are all here for you,, fighting to keep you among us.

    Bon courage mon cher
    see you soon nchallah

  3. Dear Hich,

    You did nothing wrong. You deserve to stay in UK. By all common sense tests you are a citizen anyway, you have lived here for so long. We will get you out.

    Greg Loutsenko

  4. Dear Hich,

    I just heard about what’s going on overt there on the other side of the Atlantic. I know that your arrest and detention are frightening and anxious expereinces, so just hang in there, and think about everyone who is supporting you. I watched the video of the demonstration in your support at the university and was amazed that the normally politically moribund place and come to life, in support of you. The authorities are increasingly turning to immigration legistlation to arrest and detain people as part of the so-called “war on terror”, and probably once they realized that they had no case in that regard they thought they could just treat you as some “collateral damage” in their war. But we won’t let them get away with it this time.

    best wishes, stay strong,

    Jon Simons

  5. Just got information about this on an anti-war newsgroup in N.Ireland. Just thought I’d leave a message to show my support too. This is extremely unfair and from the amount of people protesting – the authorities have no right to defy us and deport this man.

  6. Dear Authority Date: 31/05/08

    England, on the face of the Earth plant is an hounored for humanitarian identity and show a very Christian attitude to humans irrespective to cost, colour or origins i.e. the protest natives joined in support to prohibit the deportation for the poor knowledge seeker student. Knowledge leads one away from the darkness of ignorance. You are knowledgeable why should he not be.

    We need to promote our future by educating the youth of humanity not mere on family level. With full support from me for the student and a humble request to you to allow him reinstate his studies not deportation.

    Pray and regards

    Mrs Abida Khan

  7. Dünya İslamofobiadan kurtulamadıkça kalpleri huzur bulamaz. Akademisyenlere gelince bu onlar için Batı Medeniyetini anlamada büyük bir fırsat oldu…

  8. Hang in there- hope you will be free soon. What a country this is.

  9. Hello Hich,
    Hang in there my dear friend. Everything is going to be fine inshalah. Everyone loves you and we are praying that you will be out sooon inshalah. Just stay strong and it will be all over soon to the good way. You are in everyone’s thoughts and everyone is here with you, you are not on your own.
    I will see you very sooon inshalah….

  10. hi from Turkey
    Free Hich

  11. Hich,

    You must remain strong in this dark time. You are not the only one in this situation, many more across the country experience what you are experiencing every day: The arbitrary detentions, movements, a complete disregard for the law and no equality under the law.

    There are still significant numbers that want to restore the liberal tradition of a democracy that doesn’t just aim for values, but will act with them.

    Remain strong, you have won the first battle with the cancellation of your deportation. The Home Office are running scared and are trying to wriggle off the hook.

    But you won’t let them, you will win and come out of that tunnel a free man, and a good man.


  12. Dear Hich,

    I was appalled to read of your arrest and detention and I sincerely hope this campaign will be successful. I am telling as many people as I can about you.
    I work for the University of Manchester so I feel the situation deeply; if we cannot trust universities to be sensible and rational then this calls into question the very purpose of the university as an institution. The people at Nottingham who called the police should be deeply ashamed. I am ashamed of my country: instead of protecting our liberty the authorities appear to be intent upon extinguishing it. Be strong – you are a light to others.

  13. Hi Hichem,

    I don’t know you very well myself, I probably met you a couple of times, but your reputation precedes you.. You are a wonderful person and clearly you do not deserve this. Just be strong and have faith in God, and I’m sure with all the support from your friends and family, you will eventually get through this!

    I hope you will be out soon and everything will be fine for you inchallah!

    Best wishes,


  14. jane-marie collins

    Hi Hich,

    keep you’re spirits up – you’re still very much in our thoughts here at SMLC and for all the right reasons. People here care about you a great deal so don’t think we’ve forgotton about you – we haven’t.

  15. salut hicham!tu ne merites ce qui t,arrive tu es et tu resteras toujours le bon exemple pour nous tous bon courage on est avec toi atres bientot tes amis de l,universite

  16. Hicham’s story was reported in The Friend (Quaker weekly newspaper) on 13 June. I was aghast to hear about the original arrest and detention under anti-terrorism law. But now, re the deportation process, I’d like some clarity about what immigration laws Hicham is alleged to have broken, and what his side of the story is. (The solicitor’s statement which I read here today gives little detail.)
    However oppressive the original arrest and detention was, if Hicham has been here in breach of immigration laws, that is a different matter. Subject to due process (not something the Home Office is famous for, I grant you), he may unfortunately be forced to leave the UK.
    Best wishes, Robbie

  17. dear hich
    here in spain we support u, please keep urself like always , i hope everything gonna be all right.
    u deserve the best.

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