Musician releases song ‘Magna Carta’ about Hich

A musician and spoken word artist, Guy C, has released a song called ‘Magna Carta – A Song for Hich’. You can hear it here. The song includes excerpts from an interview that Hicham gave at the University of Nottingham Civil Liberties Conference on April 19, 2008, where he chaired the concluding session. Hich’s role in the Peace Movement featured prominently in his interrogation by counter-terrorism police.

Guy and Hich have been close friends for over ten years.

Magna Carta – Lyrics

I thought we sorted this with Magna Carta
What they give, they take away
So we must try harder
I know you’ve got the heart for this
But you don’t want to be a martyr
You don’t want to be a poster boy
You want your life back
To roam further than four walls
Wired glass, cold light, and no curtains
We know for certain they got this wrong
And no person
Should be swept away
You’re not dirt
The machine is not working for the likes of us
It seems they’ll clean until there’s no earth
“Free Hicham Yezza”
Until there’s no breath left in us
Because he’s a friend of ours
And this is not his destiny
He’s got books that reach up to the ceiling
And I don’t know what you’ve been reading
But when I was told they’d took him away
I could not believe what I was hearing
I remember watching Woody Allen’s Manhattan with Hich
In the Social with Carlo and Nick
Arguing about Einstein and BIG
Till Sol woke up Carina
Az, Dave, Ade, Kinner and Rish
And now we’re on the phone
And you’re going through this
Showed them what you’re made of
With your mind built like bricks
You came here strong
And you remain as strong
As idiosyncratic
We love your cartoons and idioms
Through Ceasefire you fought for democratic freedom
We walk for what you believe in
Colin Campbell stands with his hand on the register
Look for a leader and all you find is a shopkeeper
With a weakness for Masons and cheques from banks in Asia
While police with Tasers arrest students researching papers
So what are we afraid of?
It seems the government traded places
Pointing guns at us and guns in foreign places
I’m not trying to be outrageous
But sometimes fear is contagious
When they take your mates away
It makes you jaded
When they jail your friends
You recognise faces on front pages
It’s no longer abstract
It’s not coffee shop or kitchen tables
It’s not me and Hich, 2am, laughing and speculating
It’s me at home
And my mate alone
Facing deportation