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Coverage the campaign has received in the media.

Hich on Riseup Radio

Riseup Radio is a monthly community based podcast from Nottingham, UK. Reports on stuff that didn’t make other local media, music from local artists and bands and chatting about stuff that matters. The July show features Hich as a special guest presenter, discussing his case and playing some music. There’s also information on resistance to coal, news opposition to the BNP’s national festival being held in Derbyshire and an exclusive interview with Captain Paul Watson of Sea Shepherd.

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Times Higher Education Supplement letters pages

The Times Higher Education Supplement has covered the terror arrests at Nottingham University extensively and much of this coverage has been sympathetic. This motivated outgoing Vice Chancellor Colin Campbell to write to the publication to restate the university’s position. Others have subsequently responded, leading to a debate in the letters section reprinted below.

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Guardian article

The Guardian on Saturday ran a feature on the campus arrests and Hicham’s detainment.

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Associated Press Coverage

Associated Press have picked up the story. They’re a press agency so that’s meant it’s popping up in papers all over the world. Below is the article as it appeared in the International Herald Tribune. The focus is on the initial arrests and the academic freedom angle more than Hich’s deportation, but it’s a strong piece.

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Independent Article

The Independent on Sunday has a very good article about Hich’s deportation.

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