Terror Arrests At Nottingham University: What Next?


The Centre for the Study of Social and Global Justice (Politics) and the Centre for Research on Identities, Citizenship and Migration (Sociology & Social Policy) are holding a round table event on Thursday June 5th, 4-6pm, in Law & Social Science Building, B62. The roundtable seeks to foster debate among staff and students on the important questions arising from the Nottingham arrests under the antiterrorism legislation. It seeks to discuss critically but constructively the Nottingham arrests and their ramifications for academic life and community relations.

What are the implications of the terrorist arrests for questions of academic freedom and security? What are the implications for a) academics b) students c) non-academic staff d) community relations? How should academia address potential terrorist threats? What lessons can we learn from the experience and use for addressing any similar problems in the future? How should individual students and staff be supported in similar situations? How should the community relations be addressed in similar situations? What is the meaning of academic and intellectual freedom? Issues of academic freedom and security often tend to treated as counterposed. But should academic freedom and security be treated as counterposed? Does defending academic freedom mean being soft on terrorism? What role might academic freedom play in combating terrorism?

It is hoped that other initiatives will follow to address these important questions more fully.

A panel of speakers will make brief introductory remarks before opening to the floor for discussion and debate.

One response to “Terror Arrests At Nottingham University: What Next?

  1. How did it go?

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