Understanding the Threat: Freedom & Rights VS the Politics of Fear. Moazzam Begg & more…

This talk is called in response to the use of anti-terrorism laws that led to the recent arrests the University of Nottingham. Hich Yezza has now spent 3 weeks in detention.

– Moazzam Begg (ex-Guantanamo Detainee and author of ‘Enemy Combatant’)
– Helen Bowler (National Executive of UCU)
– Rob Owen (National Executive of NUS)

Wednesday 4th June 4 – 6 pm
Room B63, Law & Social Sciences
University Park, University of Nottingham

Has the ‘War-on-Terror” mind-set proved to be a greater threat to free society than terrorism itself?
How will a climate of fear and suspicion impact upon academia, both at Nottingham and nationally? How can we resist the erosion of freedom and liberty and the creeping threat of Islamophobia?
How can we best respond?

Speakers will be followed by a discussion aiming to explore the wider issues and concerns highlighted by the arrest of individuals on campus, and the subsequent treatment of Hicham Yezza, who remains tonight in a detention centre. We also aim to work towards a response.

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