Hicham Forcefully Moved

Hicham had been categorically refusing to be hauled around the country from detention centre to detention centre like a piece of luggage. In the early afternoon of Monday 2nd June, Hicham told supporters who are in contact with him that the authorities were threatening to forcefully move him. We have since lost contact with Hicham, which suggests that he has in fact been forcefully re-located to the detention centre at Dover. This is obviously quite a worrying development in terms of Hicham’s well-being and supporters now hope that they will be able to re-establish contact soon and determine the exact nature of the situation.

Hicham’s new address:
The Citadel
Western Heights,Dover
Kent CT17 9DR

Tel: 01304 246400
Fax: 01304 246401

5 responses to “Hicham Forcefully Moved

  1. Is there an address that people can use to write to him at Dover or wherever he is? Obviously you might not know that yet, but it would be good to publicize the details when available.

  2. I read in the Guardian today the US is operating secret floating prisons, beyond all jurisdiction. Is this what the future will be, a cross between 1984 and call waiting?

    Hich doesn’t even have a speeding fine. He’s never committed an act of violence. At most he made a bureaucratic error, a mistake with paperwork.

    What is he in prison for again?

  3. I hope he’s aware that his story is being spread in all manners of places and that it will keep doing so, and that people he will never meet are also rooting for him.

    Keep fighting for him. Never give up.

  4. How do we contact his solicitor?

  5. Richard Pilgrim

    I feel ashamed to be British. Gordon Brown & Jackie Smith are now well and truly wearing clothes and sleeping in beds. This is appalling.

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