Press Release – Removal Directions Cancelled (30/05/08)


At 12.30 hours today, an application to the High Court in London was issued seeking a judicial review of the decisions of the Home Office in this matter.

The removal directions set for Sunday 1st June have now been cancelled by the Home Office, and an application will be made to them this afternoon for Mr Yezza to be released while his case is reconsidered.

David Smith, of Cartwright King solicitors in Nottingham, says “We hope and trust that the Home Office will now release Mr Yezza and reconsider his case properly and in accordance with the law; we will proceed vigorously with the High Court action unless they agree to do so.”

13 responses to “Press Release – Removal Directions Cancelled (30/05/08)

  1. Fantastic, now let’s get him out of custody. Well done everyone.

  2. Deborah Ainscoe


  3. Excellent news. I hope this whole thing can be disposed of quickly. But presumably (and I am definitely not a lawyer) the judicial review needs to overturn the emergency deportation order, then Hich needs to get a proper hearing, and he needs to get through that as well. I suspect there’s a lot more lawyering to do yet.
    I hope he’s freed soon anyway.

  4. Deborah Ainscoe

    Yes, his case is all important now. I also would like to see him freed.

  5. Catherine Taylor

    Excellent news, I’m ecstatic.

    Let’s hope he’s released as soon as possible and that he is truly given justice.

  6. Henry Twigger

    We need the juditary to defend us from the government because it’s a bent as a nine bob note. If the courts don’t uphold freedom and domocracy (the real thing, not the rhetoric for war) we’re all stuffed.

    Free Hick. He’s a good man and one of us.

  7. Good news, keep up the excellent work guys and lets keep Hich here!

  8. Great news!
    i`m posively hopeful this is the first step for Hicham in his way to be back among the people he loves, and who love him so dearly.

    keep up the good work you guys, we are all grateful for what you are doing for him.

  9. This is great news, although it comes only because of the clamour made here, by IndyMedia, from local newspapers, and the messages circulating around anti-war groups right now. Well done to all involved.

    In response to a plea from my local StW co-ordinator, I have just sat down to write to Home Sec Jacqui Smith, and came here for further background info. I think I will write one anyway, with this update in mind – adding to the angry “people power” the authoritarians and the warmongers have clearly already experienced over this.

    Warm wishes and solidarity to Hicham and his campaigning friends :o)


    i miss him man :o(

  11. Richard Pilgrim

    This is a great step forward and illustrates that sometimes, the voice of the people is listened to. However, we must continue to apply the pressure otherwise the Home Office will just slip him out of the back door. Keep this issue in the spotlight and stop the injustice!

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