A Message from Hich (30/05/08)

Hich says: “To all my supporters and comrades: I have been overwhelmed by the show of support and solidarity that I have received via dozens of faxes, postcards and letters from all over the country and beyond. I would like everyone to know that I am receiving your messages, even if I’m unable to respond. I truly hope that I will be given the chance to thank every one of you when I am released.

I have been truly blessed and lucky, having so many friends and supporters visiting me, calling me, and sending messages of support. Thanks to all of you, my deportation has been put on hold – a small yet significant victory. This is just the beginning of our campaign and we need to keep the momentum going. My spirits couldn’t be higher, my determination is rock solid, I have every intention of fighting this to the very end and I thank all of you for sharing in my struggle. Vivé la revolución!

Peace, Etc.
Cell 13, Colnbrook Immigration Removal Centre
Near Heathrow Airport
Short Term Holding Facility

3 responses to “A Message from Hich (30/05/08)

  1. Peter Simpson


    As a British university teacher working abroad, I am extremely alarmed by this development and its implications for academic freedom and human rights around the world.

    I only hope that the authorities will see some sense, as their actions so far have done much to contribute to the impression that, under the guise of the War on Terror, the UK is drifting towards a police state.

  2. Smidgin Hullos

    Fight the good fight – I’ll be there for the bush visit

  3. “Vive la revelucion!”?

    Which revolution’s that?

    I’ve written to the Home Secretary pointing out that she has a duty and a power to ensure that you receive due process under the law – that a court must hear the deportation case against you and that you must have a fair and equal right of reply.

    So it’s great that your deportation has been stopped for the time being. But I need to know what the legal situation is now. What is my next action to ensure you get a fair hearing?

    And what’s this revolution?

    Peace etc.


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