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This is the campaign’s latest press release. Although we’ve already sent it to as many press contacts as we can, please distribute it as widely as possible.

From a group of Nottingham residents, concerned student and academics at the University of Nottingham.
For immediate use, 24/05/08 SATURDAY

Notts Uni detainee innocent but still facing deportation

Hicham Yezza, a popular, respected and valued former PhD student and current employee of the University of Nottingham faces deportation to Algeria on Sunday 1st June. This follows his unjust arrest under the Terrorism Act 2000 on Wednesday 14th May alongside Rizwaan Sabir and their release without charge six days later.

It has subsequently become clear that these arrests, which the police had claimed related to so-called “radical materials” involved an Al Qaeda manual downloaded by Sabir as part of his research into political Islam and emailed to Yezza for printing because Sabir couldn’t afford to get it printed himself.

There has been a vocal response from lecturers and students. A petition is being circulated, letters have been sent by academics across the world and a demo is being planned for Wednesday. 28th May. This has clearly been deeply embarrassing to a government currently advocating an expansion of anti-terror powers.

On his release Hicham was re-arrested under immigration legislation and, due to confusion over his visa documentation, charged with offences relating to his immigration status. He sought legal advice and representation over these matters whilst in custody. On Friday 23rd May, he was suddenly served with a deportation notice and moved to an immigration detention centre. The deportation is being urgently appealed.

Hicham has been resident in the U.K. for 13 years, during which time he has studied for both undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in Nottingham. He is an active member of debating societies, a prominent member of an arts and theatre group, and has written for, and edited, Ceasefire, the Nottingham Student Peace Movement magazine for the last five years.

He is well known and popular on campus amongst the university community and has established himself as a voracious reader and an authority on literature and music. An application for British citizenship was underway, and he had been planning to make his yearly trip to Wales for the Hay Festival when he was suddenly arrested.

The authorities are clearly trying to circumvent the criminal justice system and force Hicham out of the country. Normally they would have to wait for criminal proceedings to finish, but here they have managed to convince the prosecution to drop the charges in an attempt to remove him a quick, covert manner. The desire for justice is clearly not the driving force behind this, as Hicham was happy to stand trial and prove his innocence.

Hicham had a large social network and many of his friends are mobilising to prevent his deportation. Matthew Butcher, 20, a student at the University of Nottingham and member of the 2008-9 Students Union Executive, said, “This is an abhorrent abuse of due process, pursued by a government currently seeking to expand anti-terror powers. Following the debacle of the initial ‘terror’ arrests they now want to brush the whole affair under the carpet by deporting Hicham.”

Supporters have been able to talk with Hicham and he said, “The Home Office operates with a Gestapo mentality. They have no respect for human dignity and human life. They treat foreign nationals as disposable goods – the recklessness and the cavalier approach they have belongs to a totalitarian state. I thank everyone for their support – it’s been extremely heartening and humbling. I’m grateful to everyone who has come to my aid and stood with me in solidarity, from students to Members of Parliament. I think this really reflects the spirit of the generous, inclusive Britain we know – and not the faceless, brutal, draconian tactics of the Home Office.”


Contact: Sam Walton, 07948590262,

5 responses to “Press Release

  1. People have been asking me about an epetition, I suppose I could send them here to make a comment of solidarity instead!

    Free Hich!

    We miss him dearly and want him back home safe and sound!

  2. I think its absolutely disgusting how he’s been treated, is there anything students at Nottingham uni can do to help?

    If you’re looking to petition the government has its own epetitions site and I’m sure a facebook group would get awareness for any petition you set up on there.

  3. Hi Tom,

    Students at Nottingham can perhaps email the registrar about the University’s role in the inital wrongful arrest and lack of support for Hich since he has been threatened with deportation. Its

    Also, they could come along to the demo on Wednesday, where we will be fundraising to pay Hich’s legal fee’s, handing in a petition to the University, and generally raising awareness/getting support for Hich.

    Also, they can spread the word, forward the Independent article and make sure people know whats happening.


  4. Mohamed Nawari

    Free Hich Now!!!!!!

    Hi, im a Nottingham Alumni. Whatever you need just let me know.

    This act of agression by the Home Office is nothing short of tyranny and an outrage!

  5. Adrian Harris

    Write to
    – Liam Byrne, Minister of State for Borders and Immigration,
    – the Home Secretary
    – your MP.
    Letters are far more effective than petitions. Please do it now if you care for your academic freedom.

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